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Hanna Katz, (AKA Hanna Tantra) Maha Shakti Kali Ma. One of the leading and most significant among the hosts of Tantra schools. Also an Architect and a film producer Hay House Balboa Press Author of Tantric Lovers Book. Producer of TanTrance ‘Trance Mantra’ music CDs ‘Tiger Babies Passion’, Author of Secret Chakras Revealed book. Producer of Ellipse short Film

See Interview Jan ’15, on Impolite Conversations See Valentine Secrets Event in Central London

Hanna is the teacher of tantra teachers. Known as the “tantric guru of celebrity” and their ”best kept secret”, teaching in Hollywood & internationally, based in London . Her new book ‘Tantric Lovers: making your relationship last’,  published by Hays House Jan 2013. Hanna is a film producer & director of a Tantric Wedding Documentary, also a ground breaking successful training DVD set – Tantric healing massage for Lovers. The Executive producer of a SciFi film. Hanna hosts significant events and Tantra conferences around the world. Hanna is a qualified RIBA, ARB Architect. She was a university course manager and a lecturer in 3D modelling & Animation degree , she was also a psycho-sexual therapist and psycho-dynamic counselor.   

Her book Tantric Lovers: making your relationships last was termed “108 shades of light”! It is a practical guide to how you can transform your life and your relationships, from ordinary mundane relationship into a truly divine communion, becoming soul-mates with your love partner and experience ecstatic bliss in everyday life, enhancing intimacy into a truly transcendent experience.

Hanna has been teaching internationally since 1998. Specializing in the tantra Kriya yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, healing, Chi-Kung, Reiki and  Karuna Master and more.Born in Israel, lived in the UK since 1981. Hanna discovers the secret of tantra in her early teens. She embodies the Cosmic Cobra Breath and has since walked the special path of tantra Kriya yoga, training and empowering others. She has studied with many teachers, including Bodhi Teja, Bodhi Amber, Sarita and Ghu, Bodhi Awinsha, Gurmukh Khalsa and Rudra in Kriya. She has been studying Mantras with many teachers, Tantric Self Healing with Lama Gangchen, Tantric Healing with Shri Param Eswaram. Muz Murray, Vivek Ananda in Varanasi India. She has also trained in Israel, Kabalah from Satmare Hungary, Israel, Miami & Costa-Rica and more. 

TanTrance “Trance Mantra” music CDs “Tiger Babies Passion – Tshukat Gurei Namer”, by Hanna Tantra, Music by Idan Green, and friends Nuria & Shivoham Martin background, Michael Cruz Trance edit. Available by email to hannatantra@gmail.com  See sample Ganesh on YouTube  Also sample Shiva  and Trance Shiva 3.

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